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   The new album ICEBERG featured on Stuart Maconie's Radio 6 Freak Zone

Review by Paul Jarvis Have listened to the Big Chief Mkuja, not once but twice and have to say generally that I'm very impressed. These are the words I wrote down whilst listening- quirky, unusual, odd, not without charm, imaginative, sometimes shaky other times subime. Reminders of Robert Wyatt, the great Don Van, early Beatles, George Harrison, XTC,Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett and Englishness. Favourites have to be Train Song and Mermaid, though I have to say they've all got something.

Virginie Guichaoua ( originally in French.

'You can make houses out of bricks and stones, you can make heroes out of flesh and bones, you can find answers to the great unknown, but you can?t live without love)that makes the listener keep a finger permanently on the repeat button.... Certainly someone more used to dry school runs in Cardboard boxes with Jad Fair and R. Stevie Moore wisely taking notes in the classroom at their desks from fellow pupils. Involve yourself in spite of this and launch yourself into this odd collection of tunes and you will see that everything holds together perfectly well... These guys there in spite of their dancing near the punk era know how to write good songs.

 Sometimes it happens that we fall in love with a group after hearng a single track..Virginie Guichaoua Pinkcushion review English translation)
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